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Winter is that time of the year when all you want to do is curl up on the couch and keep warm. This may sound tempting but with Margaret River at our doorstep, we know there are plenty of activities to do in the region that will have you loving Winter. Here are our top 5:

Published on: 11 Jul, 2016

Words from your Winemaker

Well, vintage 2016 is all but wrapped up here in Margaret River. Our last pick of Cabernet Sauvignon came precisely 73 days after our first pick of Chardonnay. Having an early and a late ripening variety all in the one region makes for a very protracted vintage around these parts. . . But, judging by the quality of the ferments we have seen in these last two and a bit months, the long vintage has all been well worth it.

Published on: 10 May, 2016

Winemakers Blog October 2015

The rain and wind is slowly abating here in Margaret River with crisp offshore winds beginning to push those winter cold fronts away. So now, with the dams full and the ducks content, the sun is beginning to show its face a little more regularly. And with some burgeoning warmth in the air, the soil is slowly thawing out and awaking the vines from their winter slumber.

Published on: 2 Dec, 2015

A Message from Brendan Carr

The Reserve and Stevens Road wines are now due for release so I figure it as good time as any to reflect on these wines.

The production remains very limited under the both labels. This is due to a few factors, one being that the specific blocks that provide the wines are tiny (for instance we only have 0.5 Ha of Stevens Road Cabernet), so the production is restricted to the yield of these blocks, regardless of our desire to make (or maybe more so, to drink) more.

Published on: 25 Nov, 2015