Margaret River’s growing season began with a late budburst after a cold Winter.
The cool Spring that followed resulted in some uneven flowering and fruit
set. Come January, the region experienced an unusual rain event which was
welcomed at that point, followed by fine and mild weather that kicked our vintage
into gear.






The 2019 season was comparable to 2017, but with a new challenge in tow. A
complete lack of Marri blossom this season meant that bird pressure was intense
and extreme. Bird-netting became absolutely vital. Suzie Muntz, Chief Viticulturist
and her team were untiring in their protective efforts in the vineyards. Glenn,
however, aptly suggests that…

“pressure makes diamonds”

The cooler-than-usual ripening conditions resulted in amazing flavour intensity
and good acid retention in whites. Glenn reports that Chardonnay absolutely
shone, calling out 2019 as one of the best vintages he can remember for Xanadu’s
Chardonnay, particularly on our own estate.

The beautiful weather right through to late April allowed reds to attain physiological
maturity and tannins to develop a wonderful finesse. Cabernets are also showing
wonderfully at this early stage, bearing the same elegance and finesse to those from

Published On

May 31, 2019