“For me, Margaret River Shiraz sits at a lovely midpoint of two distinctly different flavour profiles of Shiraz. Many people associate Shiraz with the rich, ripe and powerful wines that hail from the warmer climates of the Barossa or McLaren Vale in South Australia. While a lot of people can associate Shiraz with the gamey dark fruits, spice and pepper hallmarks from wines that are grown in the cooler regions of Australia. In my opinion,

Margaret River Shiraz exhibits classic traits of both warm and cool climates. . . the climate is just warm enough that Shiraz made in this region exhibits jubey luscious red fruits, but also just cool enough so the Shiraz does not forego any of the structured detail and nuance of cooler pepper and spice characters.

The 2014 Steven Road Shiraz perfectly exemplifies this convergence of a cool and warm climate, as it shows a full bodied generous palate, layered with black plums, mulberries and jubey fruits of the forest. While these fleshy fruits are supported by a firm yet fine tannin structure, solid acid backbone and persist through to a supple, spicey and peppery finish.”

Brendan Carr

Published On

July 11, 2017